Funky Fingers – Pumpkins

Tuesday 12th October 2021

We are having great fun with our Funky Fingers challenge this week. We have got pumpkins and have been using hammers to hammer in the golf tees. We have been working hard to either make patterns or faces in the pumpkins. We have been having great fun!

Art – Self Portraits

Monday 11th October 2021

We used mirrors to draw self portraits. We were focusing on drawing the correct shapes and then adding the features and details. I was very impressed with everyone’s drawings. They all took their time and tried really hard.

English – Three Pigs Story Plan

Wednesday 6th October 2021

Today we acted out the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ again. We discussed how important it was for the story to be in the correct order. We then drew our own story maps to show the main events of the story, in the correct order.

Maths – using < > = symbols

Following on from last week when we were comparing groups, today we started to look at the more than, less than and equals symbols. We compared objects and used the correct sign.

English – The Three Little Pigs

Monday 4th October

Today we started a new story in English. We are learning the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ We listened to the story first. Then we added our own actions. We read the story through together a couple of times. Everyone was so good at adding expressions and added very scary wolf voices and faces!

In small groups, we then used the story stones or spoons to act out the story.

DT – Wheel Mechanism

Monday 4th October 2021

Today we continued to look at moving mechanisms. We looked at some books that had wheel mechanisms. We used a split pin to make a pivot and to attach a wheel to change their person’s face / feelings.

Big Phonics – ay ai a-e

Friday 1st October

Today we had a VERY exciting visitor. Florence the phoneme fairy came to visit us in our big phonics lesson. She was so impressed with all of our phonics and couldn’t believe that we knew the split digraph a-e! She gave us all gold and silver star stickers to say well done.

When Florence left we then did our big phonics activities. We did a carousel of activities including a bingo board game, handwriting and a tray game with all the objects and one would get taken away and we would have to guess which one it was and write it on our clipboards. I am so impressed with how hard everyone had worked this week learning the new song and sounds!

Phonics – Split digraph a-e

Thursday 30th September 201

This week we have been learning the long a sounds ay ai and a-e in Phonics.

We had great fun learning the split digraph a-e today. The children learnt that a split digraph needs two letters to make the long a sound but they have to be split and can not be next to each other. Another sound then goes between them.

We had a go making the words with children to show the a-e being split. We then wrote some of the words and drew a ‘banana’ to show the split digraph.

NEW Year One Song of Sounds!

The children were very excited yesterday as we started learning the new Year One song of sounds!! We started to learn the new song and new actions and will learn each sound in more detail over the next few weeks.